Bitcoin-Wear: Your Number One Bitcoin Merchandise Shop

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Bitcoin-Wear: Your Number One Bitcoin Merchandise Shop

Bitcoin-Wear is an online apparel platform with quality clothes for men, women and children. Whatever you want, you can get it on our website.

5 Reasons to Shop with Us

Founded by Stephan Vereno, a Bitcoin enthusiast, the online apparel store aims to raise awareness for Bitcoin (BTC). He wants people to know more about bitcoin and believes that the best starting point is apparel. This is because clothes are a great way of advertising and fostering the bitcoin conversation among people.

1. Enjoy a Variety of Quality Apparel

We have a large selection of clothes for you to choose from. Our options include t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and hoodies. Whether you are looking for a fashionable t-shirt for an upcoming corporate event or a jacket for a casual function, you can get the right one on our website.

2. Excitingly Branded Clothes

Since we aim to create and foster awareness of bitcoin, all our clothes are branded in that direction. They will either have a bitcoin sign, a statement such as ‘Bitcoin is my future’ or ‘There is a Plan ₿’.

The statements and quotes are extensive, and you get to pick what appeals most.

Besides the branding, they are stylish, modern, and comfortable. They cater to all body shapes and personal styles. You will not only look your best but also feel confident. Whether you want a black t-shirt or a white sweater, you can be sure to find one as our colors are extensive.

3. Smooth Site Navigation

Our website is designed to make the ordering process a breeze. With its smooth navigation, you will quickly find what you are looking for and order without delays. Our intuitive menus allow you to browse an extensive selection of products and services, so you find your ideal bitcoin-wear within a few clicks.

For example, if you want a women’s t-shirt, you only need to visit the website, click on the women’s tab, and proceed to click on the t-shirt’ button. An array of available women’s t-shirts will appear in your search results. You can then choose what you want and proceed to checkout.

When shopping, you can also use the filter and sorting buttons, so you only find items in the particular category you desire. We proudly offer a seamless shopping experience and unmatched convenience, so you don’t have to leave your comfort space.

4. Affordable Prices and Online Payment are Available

We pride ourselves on offering quality apparel and accessories without compromising your budget. With the most competitive prices in the market, you will get the best quality clothes and accessories for men, women, and children.

Additionally, we have various online payment methods to make everything easy and convenient for you. You can pay via VISA, PayPal and Stripe but…being a bitcoin-oriented online shop, we also accept (and prefer) Bitcoin or Lightning purchases. These two are also inflation free – when payment is made with Bitcoin or Lightning you save 10%.

5. Free Shipping (Spend a Minimum of €150)

Finally, we offer free shipping for USA and EU orders over €150. You only need to get all your items at once or shop in bulk, and we will handle the rest; you do not have to worry about shipping charges.

Once you are done, we ensure that your order is processed within 3 to 7 working days. After this, the delivery timelines depend on your location, whereby Europe takes 6 to 8 days, and the USA takes 3 to 4 working days. You will receive your order anytime between 10 to 20 working days for international orders.

While these are our timeframes, larger and more elaborate orders might take a little more time as we work to ensure that you get the best.

Place Your Order Today

Are you ready to place your order now? Simply visit our website, browse the available products, choose what you like most, and put them in the cart. Continue to check out and enter your details for delivery. We will ensure that your package gets to you within a short while.

Do you have any design ideas or queries? Well, we love to hear from you. If you have any queries regarding your order or a fancy idea you would like us to include, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team is available via email and is ready to serve you. You can also follow us on our Facebook and Twitter socials to stay updated on our new merchandise and the bitcoin world.

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